Hype over Hannum: History teacher inspires students

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By: Mikayla Grumiaux, Staff Writer

From coaching baseball to teaching at James River, world history teacher, Bryan Hannum, has left an amazing imprint on many student’s lives.

After graduating from the JRHS leadership program in 2006, Hannum then went on to study history and secondary education at Randolph Macon College where he graduated in 2010. He played four years of baseball for JRHS, and in college for the Yellow Jackets where he won a Conference title in 2009.

Hannum is in his fourth year of teaching, and his fifth year of coaching baseball. His “full of life” personality has made him a favorite teacher to many students.

“His energy and enthusiasm makes learning so much more fun and enjoyable,” said freshman Mary Hatch.

Freshman Lindsey Copeland agreed: “He gets everyone involved, and makes our class feel like a family.”

“Hilarious,” “caring,” “energetic,” “supportive,” and “enthusiastic” are just some of the many ways that students have described Hannum as a teacher.

“He is one of those teachers that you know you can go to for anything, and it doesn’t have to be school related.” said ninth grade leadership student Tanya Das.

Not only does Hannum share a tight bond with his students, but he also has some very close friends that he teaches with here at James River.

“He’s the nicest person I’ve ever met. He’ll do anything for you.” said Social Studies teacher Cameron Koehler.

James River is full of many great teachers like Hannum, who create a fun learning environment that all of the students get to experience.