Fighting the feisty flu

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by Meg Carroll, Staff Writer

As we have taken the plunge into winter, many viruses have been arising at James River. Every public place becomes a human petri dish, especially schools and workplaces. Many become ill and very thoughtfully spread their germs to everyone else. However, as caring and considerate as their actions are, how can one try to prevent illness? And why is the current flu vaccine not preventing the flu?

Although the flu vaccine has been helpful in the past, it is not as useful this season. A different strand of the flu has come about and surprised the scientists and doctors who have  decided on the composition of the current vaccine. According to the school’s nurse, Liz Klement, The vaccine will not entirely prevent the current common strand of the flu because “it is not composed of the right formula to bolster one’s immunity against the flu virus.” Thankfully, the current flu vaccine may help prevent other strands of the flu.

“…you should still get your flu shot, the second biggest thing that helps you is washing your hands- like constantly,” Klement said.

People are all told to wash their hands whenever possible, but sometimes they take this reminder too lightly. In a harsh flu season, everyone should be sure to wash up. Klement also suggests using hand sanitizer, and she recommends immediately throwing away used tissues. All possible precautions must be taken to prevent the spread of the virus.