JRHS offers Ethics in Film next year

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By: Kayla Kirk, Staff Writer

For the following school year, Ethics in Film class will be available to rising ninth and tenth graders who are interested. All year long students will analyze, discuss and decide if our cultural morals and ethics are shaped by films or if our movies are made as a reflection of current behaviors and mindsets. This class isn’t meant for students who aren’t relaxed with doing things in front of the class.

“Students in the class must be comfortable in small groups as well as expressing themselves in front of the class. Often there will be homework assignments that require watching movies at home,” said Jessica Sanchez, teacher of English 10 and the Ethics in Film class.

The year will begin with the foundations of film so students will know what to look for beyond what we all just naturally “like” about movies. The next area of study with be genres; for example, students will watch three horror films and see how films change over time. Students will also have multiple opportunities for discussions, creative responses, and analysis.

“I am looking for a lively class that can formulate opinions and support them!” said Sanchez.

To find out more information about the Ethics in Film Class it will be available to attend at the Elective Round Robin on Thursday, January 22nd.