Passing positivity around James River

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By Corinne Minnick, Staff Writer

World History teacher Kelsey Robinson recently awarded Exceptional Education teacher Paul Williams with the Positive Attitude Reward (P.A.R) jar. The P.A.R. jar is a jar filled with candy that teachers award one another for having a positive attitude.

Principal Jeff Ellick created the P.A.R jar at Manchester High School and decided to continue the tradition at James River. Each teacher is rewarded the jar and gets to keep it for one month, then fills it with candy and passes it onto another teacher. Teachers who are cheerful, optimistic, and positive are rewarded with candy.

“You come up with something you want to say to them and you tell them why you chose them to have it. A lot of the time we say why we chose the teacher, and the other teachers guess who got it,” Ms. Robinson said.

The P.A.R. jar is a great incentive to be more positive at school. The power of positivity is being spread around James River one teacher at a time.