James River principal achieves highest degree

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By: Allie Duncan, Staff Writer

Jennifer Coleman, an assistant principal at James River, recently received her doctorate degree in Education.

Dr. Coleman had an opportunity to be in a cohort study, so she applied and got accepted. She attended Virginia Commonwealth University and it took her eight years to finish her doctoral work.

She’s always enjoyed learning and being at school since she was young. The opportunity to go back to school gave her the chance to be a student once again.

“I wanna grow up and be a student,” Dr. Coleman said.

Dr. Coleman is a hard worker and wanted everything to be at a certain level, so it was hard managing all of the homework and studying, working, while also being a mother for her family. When one puts all of those parts together, it can become extremely difficult to be great at what one does

“[Putting] all of the parts together is hard,” Dr. Coleman said.

Dr. Coleman has always liked school, so getting her doctorate seemed right when she was offered the chance.

“ [It] wasn’t something I thought of or considered,” Dr. Coleman said.

As a child, getting her doctorate’s degree wasn’t something she ever wanted. All she wanted was to continue staying in a school atmosphere and doing what she loved, which was learning. Even though it wasn’t she wanted to do at first, she decided to give it a chance, and now she has achieved her doctorate, and now she’s at the very top of her field.