Feminist Club sparks discussion

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By: Nicholas Gentry, Staff Writer

The Feminist Club, a new club at James River, was created to bring more awareness to Feminism.  The club was created by junior Jake Fleary, and sophomore Lydia Boswell, and it is sponsored by World History teacher, Ms. Kelsey Robinson.

As a club, it has many goals that are categorized and discussed within meetings.

“Clubs are meant to be student organizations, so the students involved are setting goals and addressing different topics each week in order to bring awareness to the forefront.  The club is doing a nice job of showing feminism as a ‘gender-equalizer’ as opposed to ‘man-bashing’,” Robinson said.

For students to be interested in a club, the club must represent something special and unique. Feminist Club has its own unique focus.

“This club represents an age-old fight.  Not only is this meant to bring awareness to gender equality, but to issues that are sometimes swept under the rug in today’s society,” Robinson said.

Specifically, the club’s discussions go into detail on how they define feminism.

“I understand that there are physiological differences between men and women, but that shouldn’t be the first or only assumption made in regards to tasks at hand.  Women are capable of many of the same tasks, as has been proven time and time again.  The other side of that coin is that men should not be discounted when it comes to tasks or emotions that are traditionally considered female,” Robinson said.

The Feminist Club meets in the library on Mondays during the second half of lunch.