Rapids stream history into the school

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By: Alejandro Lucero, Online Editor

On Friday, November 20th, the Varsity Football Team won their playoff game against Cosby High School, making it the first playoff victory in James River history.

Prior to the game, the team received lots of support from the students with a celebratory spirit week that transitioned into the visitor section at Friday’s game.

“Student support was fantastic. It was much better than Cosby’s and [our] bleachers were packed. After the game, the students ran up into the field to celebrate,” said coach Gregory Defrancesco.

A blend of student support and teamwork has led the Rapids team on a long stream towards the state championship, taking them one step closer to the ultimate victory.

“It’s not about individuals. It’s about how 60 individuals come together to commit fully to something larger than themselves. When that happens, then collectively, as a group, we’re able to play at a level where an individual could not do,”  said Defrancesco. “Instead of us being ‘two plus two equals four,’ we are ‘two plus two equals 10.’ We add up to more than just the individual parts, and that is the key to our success.”

The Rapids advanced to the next round with only eight teams remaining in the tournament, two of them being Monacan and L.C. Bird from the Dominion district and Hermitage from the Central Richmond area.

The team will face off Ocean Lakes High School at Virginia Beach on Black Friday night at 7:00 PM. The game will be streamed live by VHSL.