James River celebrates la semaine Française

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By Carly Lester, Staff Writer

When we returned from our four day weekend, it was officially French week in schools all around the country and James River High School was one of the participants.

“It’s nationwide and it’s sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French, and it’s meant to promote the study of French and awareness of French culture within our communities,” said Mlle. Laurel Maughan.

Elementary, middle, and high schools all celebrated French week in different ways and each had their own creative freedom. James River took a route that tried to make people curious about what was happening and want to join in.

“We had what we called French clues hidden around the school. We had famous sites, people, and French products hidden.” said Maughan.

Hunting for clues wasn’t all that happened during French week. There were also events that didn’t take place during school hours.

“We did a trivia wall during lunch one day, a dessert competition on Friday and we showed a French film after school on Thursday.” said Maughan.

Overall, French week was a success and a fun time for French students at JRHS.