Girls volleyball demolishes Cosby

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By Allie Duncan, Staff Writer

On Thursday, November 6th, at Cosby High School, the JRHS varsity volleyball team played against Cosby and beat them by 3-0 during their Conference 3 6A championships.

The James River volleyball players worked hard and it all paid off when they won against Cosby High School. They needed to fix many things to help improve their playing and getting better than Cosby.

“They had beaten our program the last five meetings and we felt we had not shown our best against them,” said coach Joe Sullivan.

The players had to step their game up if they wanted to beat Cosby this year. The team had to improve siding the opposite teams jump servers out. They needed to move players around to strengthen their defense, so they were able to dig the ball out fast enough so they could score points.

“Our ladies were flat out tired of losing to Cosby and wanted to prove a point winning the Conference championships,” said Sullivan.

The girls went into the game with little to no nerves and lots of energy to compete against them. They wanted to show they were a top tier team.

“They had not been recognized all year as a contender and took that personally,” said Sullivan.

This gave the volleyball team players the motivation to practice really hard and give it all they had. They improved everything they could to get them to win their Conference Game. With all their hard work and motivation, they succeeded and won.