Stepping Into James River

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By: Karla Llano Reyes, Staff Writer

An earlier version of this article was published on October 30th, 2014. This is the updated version.

“Who’s Back?” “Step’s Back!” After four years of not having a step team, they came back again this year to James River.

They came back after some girls last year approached Mrs.Sanchez and Ms.Robinson about bringing the step team back. At the time, about 15 girls decided to join, but this year, the team grew to 35 steppers.

“We are working together to become one,” said Mrs.Sanchez, one of the step team coordinators,”by building camaraderie, teamwork, and supporting school spirit.”

The step team practices hard. The steppers practice once or twice a week depending when their next performance is.

“It has to be clean and sync,”said Mrs.Sanchez, “meaning that they need to learn ‘the rhythm’ and the choreography to make it right.”

Even though its a club they still do have rules that apply to them.The coordinators expect the steppers to follow all the school rules and behave in a way that makes both the team and leaders proud.They are also expected to attend all practices and meetings.

The step team is all about representing JRHS in their performances.Go and watch them perform during the next Open Mic in December.