Q & A With Max Wilson

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By: Keeshawn Capers and Mac Dooley, Staff Writers

This year, the JV football team has a lot of freshmen talent, including Max Wilson. He has been playing since he was in sixth grade, and this year, he is the starting defensive lineman and number 79. As the season draws to a close, Wilson talks about the development of the team as well as its performance.

Q: How much improvement has the team made since the season started?

Wilson: “Lots of improvement. Every player has come a long way and we have become a family.”

Q: What atmosphere do you feel surrounds the team at practice and when you guys are playing your opponent in a game?

W: “The atmosphere for games and practices are all surrounded around focus, dedication, and being able and ready to work hard, and to try our best to beat our team.”

Q: Where do you think the team played its best game and what were you guys doing well?

W: “We played our best and most competitive game against L.C. Bird. Every player was focused, and that really helped us drive down the field and got us pumped up.”

Q: How much dedication and effort has the team given towards trying to win games and become successful as a whole?

W: “It has been spread out pretty evenly throughout the season, primarily based on whether or not we were focused on playing that day, or we just weren’t prepared to play as hard as we could have.”

Q: What do you expect from the team as the season concludes and what relationship do you feel the players will have after the season is over?

“As the season comes to an end, I expect every player to give it their all as if it was the first game we would play. I also think that every player on the team will remain [as] very close friends after the season ends.”