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The Flood drowns students with school spirit

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By: Melissa Rau, Staff Writer

James River High School had a Flood Spirit Week last week, in honor of the football team’s entry into the playoffs. The game was held on Friday, November 21st at Cosby High School. The days leading up to the game had students dressed up in neon on Monday, in similar clothes to their teachers on Tuesday, in pajamas on Wednesday, in a throwback outfit on Thursday, and a white out day on Friday.

Students dressed up in support of the team’s success in tackling the second round of the playoffs, for the first time in James River history. The idea of a celebratory Spirit Week came from the students themselves.

“Somebody on twitter was like, ‘hey let’s have a Spirit Week to celebrate!’ And we went with it!” said senior and Flood Co-Creator, Zac Morris. “If someone has a great idea, and shares it with us, we do our best to make it happen!”

This Spirit Week aimed to encourage participation in school spirit and in cheering the team on in the stands. Morris wanted all Rapids to get excited about the game.

“School should be more than just a pencil and paper facility,” said Morris. “It’s a community, and we want everyone involved: athletes, actors, band, even the kid talking smack on Twitter about James River.”

Morris encouraged students to share any “crazy cool ideas” with them, and to continue showing school spirit in attending games to come. Check out photos from the week below!

Students were dressed in bright colors for Neon Day.  Photo By: Philip Barto
Students were dressed in bright colors for Neon Day.
Photo By: Philip Barto
Neon Monday 2
Seniors found the brightest colors in their wardrobe for Monday. Photo By: Elizabeth Alabaster
Teacher Look-Alike Tuesday 1- Ms. Brunyansky
A senior dresses to match Chesterfield County Teacher of the Year, Ms. Brunyansky, on Teacher Look-Alike Day. Photo By: Graham Schiltz
Teacher Look-Alike Tuesday 2- Mr. Crane
A senior dresses as Biology teacher Mr. Crane on Tuesday. Photo By: Erin Strasser
Pajama Wednesday 2
Several freshmen come to school in their Olaf pajamas for Pajama Day. Photo By: Joey Spears
Pajama Wednesday 1
A group of juniors come to school in their pajamas for Wednesday’s spirit day. Photo By: Alexis Scott
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A group of upperclassmen dress as the Spice Girls for Throwback Thursday. Photo By: Alexis Scott
Throwback Thursday 2- Middle School
Several seniors throw it back to their days at Robious Middle School on Thursday. Photo By: Gracie Laramore
White-Out Friday 1
Two close friends wear all of their white gear for the pep rally and play-off game on Friday. Photo By: Marley Roessler
White-Out Friday 2
Rapid Football teammates and fans all white the school out in honor of their game that night. Photo By: Abbey Crank

Rapids stream history into the school

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By: Alejandro Lucero, Online Editor

On Friday, November 20th, the Varsity Football Team won their playoff game against Cosby High School, making it the first playoff victory in James River history.

Prior to the game, the team received lots of support from the students with a celebratory spirit week that transitioned into the visitor section at Friday’s game.

“Student support was fantastic. It was much better than Cosby’s and [our] bleachers were packed. After the game, the students ran up into the field to celebrate,” said coach Gregory Defrancesco.

A blend of student support and teamwork has led the Rapids team on a long stream towards the state championship, taking them one step closer to the ultimate victory.

“It’s not about individuals. It’s about how 60 individuals come together to commit fully to something larger than themselves. When that happens, then collectively, as a group, we’re able to play at a level where an individual could not do,”  said Defrancesco. “Instead of us being ‘two plus two equals four,’ we are ‘two plus two equals 10.’ We add up to more than just the individual parts, and that is the key to our success.”

The Rapids advanced to the next round with only eight teams remaining in the tournament, two of them being Monacan and L.C. Bird from the Dominion district and Hermitage from the Central Richmond area.

The team will face off Ocean Lakes High School at Virginia Beach on Black Friday night at 7:00 PM. The game will be streamed live by VHSL.

Boys Volleyball Team named runner-up

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By Carly Lester, Staff Writer

This past Friday, James River’s boy’s volleyball team went to the state finals at the Siegel Center. They had to defeat many teams to get to this stage, including the team from Grassfield High. Sadly, they lost to Frank Cox High School, but they were still a strong runner-up. The team had mixed feelings about the final results.

“[The team was] obviously disappointed, but they were very happy with what they accomplished because they weren’t supposed to get that far,” said Chip Boone, Director of Student Activities.

Henry Archer was named conference player of the year, and other players, including Kyle Brumbaugh and David Forest, were elected as part of the all star team. The all star team is not an actual competing volleyball team, but more of an honorary title.

The Rapids dropped the first game 27-25, and the second game 25-13. Regardless of the result, the team worked hard this season and congratulations are in order.

Students encouraged to donate to recycled books sale

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By Cana Wilson, Staff Writer

Belle Cifu has created a book drive for James River students that lasts from now to Monday, December 1st.

Students can drop off gently used books for her Leadership Capstone at the collection bin near the main office. The sale will be held at the Winter Concerts, December 10th and 11th.

Cifu came up with the idea of the used book drive this summer while she was planning her Leadership Capstone, “Rapids Going Green.”

“I was inspired by the Used Book sale my elementary school, Robious Elementary, holds every year, as well as a small lending “Take-One-Leave-One” library that I frequent at the beach over the summer. From both, I’ve learned that there’s something really special about donating a read book to a fellow bookworm and there’s a ton of environmental benefits to reusing old books,” said Cifu.

Cifu enjoys going to used book sales and decided she would do one for our school because she knew they were pretty successful.

“ I think as long as I get the word out, people will support the sale. So far, I haven’t collected as many books/other items as I’d hoped, but there’s still a few more weeks,” said Cifu.

Students can also donate DVD’s, CD’s, puzzles, board games, cards, computer games, comic books. Please donate to this great cause.

James River celebrates la semaine Française

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By Carly Lester, Staff Writer

When we returned from our four day weekend, it was officially French week in schools all around the country and James River High School was one of the participants.

“It’s nationwide and it’s sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French, and it’s meant to promote the study of French and awareness of French culture within our communities,” said Mlle. Laurel Maughan.

Elementary, middle, and high schools all celebrated French week in different ways and each had their own creative freedom. James River took a route that tried to make people curious about what was happening and want to join in.

“We had what we called French clues hidden around the school. We had famous sites, people, and French products hidden.” said Maughan.

Hunting for clues wasn’t all that happened during French week. There were also events that didn’t take place during school hours.

“We did a trivia wall during lunch one day, a dessert competition on Friday and we showed a French film after school on Thursday.” said Maughan.

Overall, French week was a success and a fun time for French students at JRHS.

Girls volleyball demolishes Cosby

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By Allie Duncan, Staff Writer

On Thursday, November 6th, at Cosby High School, the JRHS varsity volleyball team played against Cosby and beat them by 3-0 during their Conference 3 6A championships.

The James River volleyball players worked hard and it all paid off when they won against Cosby High School. They needed to fix many things to help improve their playing and getting better than Cosby.

“They had beaten our program the last five meetings and we felt we had not shown our best against them,” said coach Joe Sullivan.

The players had to step their game up if they wanted to beat Cosby this year. The team had to improve siding the opposite teams jump servers out. They needed to move players around to strengthen their defense, so they were able to dig the ball out fast enough so they could score points.

“Our ladies were flat out tired of losing to Cosby and wanted to prove a point winning the Conference championships,” said Sullivan.

The girls went into the game with little to no nerves and lots of energy to compete against them. They wanted to show they were a top tier team.

“They had not been recognized all year as a contender and took that personally,” said Sullivan.

This gave the volleyball team players the motivation to practice really hard and give it all they had. They improved everything they could to get them to win their Conference Game. With all their hard work and motivation, they succeeded and won.

Achieving history, football style

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By: An-Vu Phan, Sports Editor

This year has been marked by successes and surprises for sports teams throughout the school, and, most recently, the school football team not only met success, it achieved school history.

Last Friday, James River High School’s football team took on C.D Hylton, a first-seeded team. This was James River’s first playoff game since 2000 and their third appearance at the playoffs, but the story doesn’t end here.

With a result of 13-8, James River made history by achieving their first win in the playoffs in the school’s 20 year history. That win would see the Rapids advance to the last 16 and a reunion with district rivals, Cosby.

“They’re a district rival team,” said Coach Greg Defrancesco. “They’re scrappy and they battle and they’re well coached.”

Cosby entered the playoffs with a record of 6-4 and seeded fifth in the 6A side of the tournament bracket. The last time that the Rapids locked horns with Cosby, the game finished with the result of 13-6.

“The unity, maturity, and work ethic of the team got us to where we are,” said Defrancesco.

Along with these traits, James River showed a dominating defense throughout the year, having held back a C.D Hylton team that were flying offensively this season. Though James River are seeded eighth, the lowest of the teams playing in the 6A South bracket, and an equal record to Cosby at 7-4, the Rapids will look to continue their story with a win at Cosby on Friday.

So come out and watch as the Rapids take on their rivals in what might be the most pivotal game for both teams this year.

This article originally listed the last playoff year as 2001. It was the year 2000. We apologize for the error, and have updated the article to reflect the correct year.