Field Hockey hits the field

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By: Nicholas Gentry, Staff Writer

The field hockey team has returned to the turf this season, full of talent, and working on reconstruction.

“We have the potential to be very strong in the district but we need to commit to our practice plan and use that plan in our games.  We have strong players; we need to have a strong team,” said Coach Slade Gormus.

The team practices every school day, except during matches, which can take place once or twice a week.  This could be why Gormus has such a strong connection to the players on the team, especially the seniors.

“I love all of my players and it is always hard when my Seniors leave, and it has been like that for the last 19 years, but that is what they are suppose to do, fly away,” said Gormus.

Specifically, there is a senior who will be graduating this year, Erin Strasser.  Strasser, one of three captains on the field hockey organization, trained diligently this autumn with the rest of the team.

“I think that if the school knew how much we put into it, we would have a lot more respect and support as a team,” said Strasser.

Speaking of how much they put into it; the team played two tough and huge games this fall.  These games were against Midlothian in September and Cosby in October, both at home.  Through all the tough matches the team has played through, they keep one person in their thoughts, Coach Roarty.

Gormus said, “We will always incorporate the remembrance of Coach Roarty- We have ‘Carrie On’ shirts that we will be wearing, the pink ribbons on the fence, we have tied CR pink ribbons on our shoes and I had specially made shoes done.”