Etcetera literary magazine requesting submissions

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By: Kayla Kirk, Staff Writer

The literary magazine Etcetera is an opportunity for all unrecognized artists and writers to showcase their talents. Until December 18th, submissions of creative nonfiction, short stories, songs, novel excerpts, screenplay excerpts, memoirs and poetry will be accepted. This is a great chance for publication clips for college, job applications, possible extra credit, and recognition of students pieces and or artwork.

“There are no length requirements, but we ask that students keep excerpts to a few pages,” said Mrs.Hancock, English 10 and Creative Writing teacher. “Additionally, submissions should be typed and include a heading with their name, grade, first period teacher, and the genre of the piece. Submissions should be e-mailed to”

In order to completely submit work for the literary magazine, students must head to room 1236 to pick up a permission slip and return it to the folder located in the room. For the art submissions, artists will need to go to 1313 to have their submission photographed by Mr. Manley, the art sponsor. The focus of the magazine is creative or artistic pieces.

“The literary magazine is meant to be a creative endeavor, so as long as their submission is creative, they are free to submit it. More formal research papers would probably not fit the creative intent.” said Mrs.Hancock.

Etcetera usually contains 10-30 pieces of both art and writing. Students will be informed in the spring if their piece and/or artwork has been accepted.