Swinging into states

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by: An-Vu Phan, Sports Editor

A week ago, the James River High School Golf Team took to the field at the Meadowbrook Country Club as they qualified for the state competition for the first time since the 2011-12 season.

The Rapids qualified through winning the Conference 3 title and finishing up second at the Regionals after putting up a 20-3 season. Once at States, the team proceeded to compete in the 5A tournament against Riverbend, Chantilly and South County.

“We didn’t play as well on the first day,” said Coach Timothy Llewellyn. “But on the second day the goal was mainly to beat the other three teams and shoot for 300.”

Although the first day didn’t go as planned for the Rapids, the team eventually rebounded to finish fourth in the competition.

“The key was that everybody worked together and practiced hard.” said Llewellyn.