Dracula: the horror unleashed

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By An Vu Phan, Sports Editor

This fall, Theatre on the James presents Dracula, a stage production based on the famous horror novel by Bram Stoker. Although this play is a simplified version of the book, the genre itself presents a new challenge for the cast as they kickstart their year.

“I think its a different show for us since we haven’t done the horror genre before,” said Theater teacher Mrs. Oyler. “I believe the kids are up for the challenge.”

Given the new genre, the real key to success for this show is to scare the audience; however, this will be quite a challenge because most of their past plays have been either romances or comedies.

“We’re there to warn anybody about the dangers of Dracula,” said sophomore Emma Moore, who will be taking on the role of a Transylvanian peasant.

Whether large roles or small, all the actors’ roles contribute to the scary atmosphere of the play. Some actors are even switching roles for different performances.

“Everyday we meet in Mrs.Oyler’s room during AEP,” said senior Holly Rice, “We practice going over our lines and practice the scenes, and then we switch it up.”

The cast of Dracula rehearses a crucial scene.
The cast of Dracula rehearses a crucial scene. Photo by An Vu Phan

This year’s play also presents another challenge for a few cast members: the roles of Mina Murray and Lucy Westenra. These roles have proven to be quite difficult considering Claire Whelan and Holly Rice will be switching in and out of them during the play, which will increase the surprises of the production.

“I hope we can promise to scare,” said Oyler.

With Halloween approaching, all of these obstacles are being met through rehearsals, which take place after school, Tuesday through Friday. In addition, the necessary sets and costumes for the play are being made in time for the start of the shows that run from October 22nd through the 25th.

“My hope is that the school comes to see it,” said Rice, “I just want the school to get into the spooky spirit.”