Month: November 2013

Veterans Day Ceremony

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By: Alejandro Lucero, Copy Editor

On Friday, November 8th, the James River Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) hosted the annual Veterans Day ceremony to honor those who have risked everything to defend the freedoms of others.

Before the ceremony, veterans gathered together at the library to enjoy lunch and take some time to socialize with the other veterans. They shared their stories as service-members who participated in WWII and the Vietnam War.

The ceremony first began with the NJROTC Color Guard presentation of the national colors.

After the colors were presented, the ceremony began with intro videos made by leadership students that featured a brief bio of six veterans that served in WWII, battle at Pearl Harbor, and Vietnam War.

Tom Tokarz hosted the Round Table Discussion featuring veterans Jack Carver, Ralph Phillips, Mike Trbovich, Ron Kimler, and Russell Scott. These men were featured in the six videos and answered questions made by leadership students and the audience.

Photo by: Nicole Thomas, Photography Editor for Yearbook.
Veterans answered questions during the Round Table discussion.

The ceremony concluded in the auditorium with the presentation of the flags from all military branches, and was later moved outside at the memorial where Coach Tony Yonta, the NJROTC Color Guard, and WWII veterans laid the brick and wreath at the memorial outside of the school.

Tokarz said, “A veteran is anyone, male or female, who signed a blank check, made payable to the United States of America. 317,000 cashed it [during WWII].”

Not only during Veterans Day or Memorial Day should citizens honor American service-members, but each and every day as they sacrifice their lives for our freedoms, they should be honor and respected.