Vote for $100,000

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By A.J. Hysell, Staff Writer

Could you imagine what James River High School could do with $100,000? James River has the chance to win all of that money with just a little effort from the students. State Farm Insurance is holding a competition in which a high school can win up to a $100,000 grant.  Throughout this  week, October 18-26, James River High School has the chance to make daily safe driving commitments on behalf of the school.

James River High School is on the border of being eligible for the minor prize. Even though it’s the minor prize of $25,000, it is still a substantial amount of money. If the students step up their game and rank within the top 10, the school will be eligible to win the $100,000 prize. With this money, allegedly, the school will have the funding for flat screen T.V.s and tablets among other purchases.

If you visit the site at,, you will be able to make a commitment. Now keep in mind that you are only able to vote once a day per email, so if you have more than one email, do not be afraid to vote with both. This upcoming Friday, October  26, will be the last day you will be able to make a commitment so make sure you vote every day until then!

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