Just Dropping In: Pumpkin Drop Teaser

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By Ra’Jon Wall, News Editor

On November 1st, 2013, James River High School will be holding their very own Pumpkin Drop Event as a Halloween celebration. Each Physics class will split up into five equal parts. Within each group there will be a Team Captain, Structural Engineer, Aesthetics Engineer, Marketing Manager, and Technological Manager.


The roles of each team member are the following: Team Captain has to make sure that everything goes the way that is planned, oversees the overall project. The Structural Engineer must design an apparatus to keep the pumpkin from breaking as it hits the ground. The Aesthetics engineer will be in charge of the design of the apparatus itself. The Marketing Manager is to be in charge of promoting and advertising the structure. Finally, the Technological Manager is to be in charge of design for a website and analyzing the recording of the drop.

With the approach of the event, every team is scrambling to get the advantage and win the competition. They will all have to put a lot of effort into making the apparatus if they hope to go home with the victory and satisfaction of winning in front of the entire school at the game on November 1st.  Stay tuned to this ongoing story because we will post future updates.