What It Takes to be a Football Player

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By A.J. Hysell, Staff Writer

The James River football team is known for their heart and ability to keep going no matter what the circumstances. Anytime they are faced with a challenge that may seem impossible to overcome, they somehow push through it and come out on top.

Junior Todd Gay said that he has played football ever since he was a kid. After joining the James River football team in his freshman year, Gay has shown the heart that comes with football players.  Gay believes that football is one of the most physically demanding sports in the school and that it requires a lot of dedication in order to excel in it.

Junior Todd Gay. Photo by A.J. Hysell.

Gay believes that football is such a great sport because “The feeling of winning is overpowering; there is nothing like the feeling of scoring a touchdown even if it wasn’t you [who] scored it.”

He then goes on to talk about how the football team is extremely close and are much like a family. They push each other to the brink of their capabilities and have each other’s back in and out of practice. Without this relationship, the team wouldn’t be able to trust each other so much on the field and play so smoothly.

Football is known as one of the hardest sports at James River, and not many people actually get to play on the field even if they make the team.

When interviewed, junior Isaiah Christmas said, “Practice is already as hard as it should be, and sometimes I think it’s overboard; But in the end, I guess it’s for the best.”

Junior Isaiah Christmas. Photo by A.J. Hysell.

Even though the practices may be hard at the time, but all of their practices are designed to “break” the athletes.  Coaches Greg DeFrancesco and Tony Yonta, push their athletes to their limits so that when they get out on the field, they will be able to play as hard as they can for as long as they can. If they so much as falter during an actual game, it could be the loss for not only themselves the entire team.

This may not be something that everyone on the varsity team is thinking about, but the JV team is eventually going to be taking their place. This means that they need to live up to the expectations of the varsity team now. Sometimes, sports have an underlying problem of not showing as much attention to their JV team as their varsity team.  At James River, the JV team is just as important as the varsity team.

According to Gay, “The JV team definitely has potential, but with Coach Riley leaving next year, I’m not sure where exactly they are going to go.”

Altogether, according to this writer, James River has an excellent football team and are a definite contender in this year’s districts. With all of our great players, they should have a great chance of winning.